Time Management Outlook

Time Management Outlook

Microsoft Outlook started out as a very useful personal information manager but over the years has grown into a very powerful program that helps you manage most of the information that you need in your daily life – both on the personal and the professional front. It is not surprising that more and more business organizations are looking at tools that can successfully include time management outlook features to help their employees make better use of their time. Before we take a look at such tools, we should understand what time management outlook features provide the maximum benefit to its users.

One of the most important features of Outlook is its calendar and schedule management ability. Not surprisingly, this is the time management outlook feature that employees depend on the most. Microsoft Outlook is without doubt one of the leaders when it comes to assisting in time management and to this end, it provides its users a very useful set of tools that help in managing schedules for not just the day or week but entire months.


Time Management Outlook

Time Management Outlook

For example, if you would like to add an appointment to the Outlook calendar, you simply need to click the day and then the time slot and enter a name for the particular appointment. If you would like to add further details about the appointment, set a reminder or simply specify the exact time, all you have to do is double click the appointment. Similarly, Outlook also allows you to use the calendar feature as a meeting scheduling system. Provided you are allowed access to certain areas of other employees’ calendars, you can view when they are busy or free and schedule a meeting at a time that is convenient to all of them. You could also schedule other resources required for the meeting such as meeting rooms or projection equipment and so on. This will ensure that you can plan and run your meetings more smoothly than when you had to contact each person individually. Not surprisingly, this helps you and others manage their time and resources more efficiently.


TimeSheet Reporter builds on some of these time management capabilities of Outlook and helps employees as well as management manage their time better. Since TimeSheet Reporter provides time management outlook integration, a user now does not have to spend time making entries into different systems for different projects.

TimeSheet Reporter allows users to also add additional information that they believe will help management approve of the time entries more quickly. Management on the other hand can use the time management outlook feature of TimeSheet Reporter to automatically send out notifications to users who have forgotten to send in their time entries or to generate standard reports. They can use the time saved in utilizing the data obtained through the timesheets to figure out where costs can be cut and resources utilized more efficiently so that the business makes more profits.

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